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PopTech and Time Warner Cable present Spark, a multimedia campaign designed to inspire careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) for young people.

Spark captures the stories of five innovators from the PopTech network whose careers have been shaped by a lifelong interest in STEM. The project links these “Spark Innovators” with the next generation of problem solvers – the “Spark Connectors” – four high school students nominated to attend the

PopTech 2010 Conference, meet the Innovators in person, and share their experiences.

By introducing young people to the possibilities of science and technology, Spark encourages young people to pursue STEM-related paths.

Spark is a partnership between PopTech and Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds initiative. The Noyce Foundation also provided generous support to enable the Connectors to attend the PopTech Conference and personally meet the Spark Innovators at events nationwide.

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